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Title: A alteridade em Clarice Lispector
metadata.dcterms.creator: Guedes, Helena Cirelli
metadata.dcterms.issued: 2014
metadata.dcterms.abstract: Percebendo a presença do tema da alteridade na obra de Clarice Lispector, este estudo o analisa no romance A paixão segundo G. H. e no conto “A mensagem” com respaldo na filosofia existencialista, amparado em Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Frantz Fanon e Søren Kierkegaard e no que hoje seria o desdobramento desse olhar da filosofia existencialista dedicado ao estudo do outro, desdobramento no qual privilegiaremos as reflexões de Pierre Bourdieu, Kwame Anthony Appiah e Jacques Derrida.
Realizing the theme of the otherness in the fiction writed by Clarice Lispector, this study analyses it in the novel The passion according to G. H. and in the short story “A mensagem” with the support of the existentialist philosophy based on Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Frantz Fanon and Søren Kierkegaard and also in the theorists whose works which would probably be nowadays the development of these reflections about the other, among which was chosen Pierre Bourdieu, Kwame Anthony Appiah and Jacques Derrida.
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