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Título: Photochemical metabolism and fruit quality of Ubá mango tree exposed to combined light and heat stress in the field
Autor(es): Faria-Silva, Leonardo
Gallon, Camilla Zanotti
Purgatto, Eduardo
Silva, Diolina Moura
Palavras-chave: Mangifera indica L.
Chlorophyll a fluorescence
Sweeter fruit
Data do documento: 18-Set-2017
Resumo: Several experiments have highlighted the complexity of stress interactions, in field conditions, involved in plant response. However, these impacts on the mechanisms involved in plant photosynthetic response remains understudied. The aim of this work was to compare the photosynthetic efficiencies and fruit quality of mango tree (Mangifera indica L.) cv. Ubá harvested from plants cultivated on the east and west sides of a commercial orchard, according to the position of plants in relation to sunrise. Chlorophyll a fluorescence, was analyzed in leaves in four different periods: fruit growth phase, fruit ripening phase, post-harvest period and after plant pruning. Photoinhibitory damage was detected by the trapped energy flux and transported electron flux per reaction center during the fruit ripening phase, and by specific energy fluxes and yield quantum efficiency after plant pruning. Although high radiation caused photoinhibition on leaves from plants cultivated on the west side of the orchard, it provided sweeter fruits. In contrast to our initial hypothesis, it was verified that plants cultivated on the west side of the orchard presented better photochemical performance in periods with the greatest requirements of photoassimilates. In addition, plants demonstrated different abilities to deal with changes on photosynthetic active radiation and high temperature. This information suggests that the phenotypic plasticity of the Ubá mango cultivar is considerable, which can be exploited to be used in regions with great relief variations and the combination of increased irradiance and high temperature.
Descrição: Electronic supplementary material Licence: CC BY - Institutional Repository
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