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Title: Abordagem ergológica de situações de trabalho: estudo em uma empresa do ramo petrolífero
Authors: Lima, Estevam Luiz Nascimento
Issue Date: 25-Apr-2007
Publisher: Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo
Abstract: This study intends to show the world of the work nuances, delivering a speech thought its history as well as its current context. It aimed to analyze the complexity of the work situations and to understand how the workers of the sector of Espiralagem of the Flexibrás Tubos Flexíveis Ltda interacted between themselves and with the situations of work in the accomplishment of their activities. At first place, it looked for to understanding the worker, as well as its relations with the work processes, using the Ergology’ concepts as a perspective of analysis of the work situations. For that, it was realized a study of case in the referred company, which operates in the Flexible Pipes for oil Exploration Manufacturing business, so this is a qualitative research. The method used for data collection were a documentary research, participants’ comments, validation meetings and data analysis, as well as semistructuralized individual interviews. For data analysis it was adopted indirect data interpretation methods, searching to translate the meanings that the workers give to their work and speech, when they reproduce in their speech their work and the context of their accomplishment. In this way, it was possible to analyse the work situations, taking in consideration its complexities, understanding the most important aspects of the workers of the studied sector interacted between themselves and with work situations, restandartizing them every moment. The study evidences that the workers make uses of itself, uses of itself for itself and uses of itself for others, in the accomplishment of their activities.
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