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Title: Diretrizes para a gestão de projetos de obras de arquitetura e engenharia na Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo
Authors: Fonseca, Luciana Helmer
Keywords: Programa de Apoio a Planos de Reestruturação e Expansão das Universidades Federais (Brasil);Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo;Licitação pública;Obras públicas;Administração de projetos
Abstract: Universities constantly undergo adjustments in its built environment due to the modernization process that occurs throughout the world and in various areas of knowledge. This dynamic requires educational institutions to adapt to this reality through physical expansion or readjustment of their environments. Most public universities have professional technicians to take care of planning your infrastructure, acting in the planning, implementation and management of their buildings. However, with the ever increasing demand they can not always meet the expectations of users and the desired quality in public works. This fact was evident during the period of the Support Program for Restructuring Plans and Expansion of Universities Federais- Reuni, where we made several investments in a short period of time (five years). Thus, this research aims to characterize and analyze project management process (organization of processes and management of the steps leading up to the work) at the Federal University of the Espírito Santo (Ufes) through the systematization of the methods used and identify the problems faced in steps prior to bidding. The expectation at the end of the study suggest guidelines to improve the planning process of the work at this university. The research will be conducted from a literature review on the topic, in which it will consider the most appropriate project management methodology to public works projects. Documentary analysis of Reuni, the work processes at the university, supplemented with data from field visits will be held, seeking data on the quantity of works executed with program resources and the existence of term additives / cost as well as their motivations, interviews and questionnaires given to various people involved (technicians who worked in the stages preceding the bid, those responsible for supervision and construction companies that performed works with Reuni resources from 2008 to 2012). The research confirmed the need to implement a Project planning methodology, as it became clear the significant existence of periods of additives and costs in the works at the university, mainly due to deficiencies resulting from primary and internal phases of the bidding process.
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