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Title: Referenciais prescritos para educação infantil: diálogos com o professor de educação física
Authors: Moreira, Priscyla Simões Sousa
Keywords: Educação física;Educação infantil;Documentos oficiais;Physical education;Infant education;Official documents
Issue Date: 26-Oct-2012
Publisher: Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo
Citation: MOREIRA, Priscyla Simões Sousa. Referenciais prescritos para educação infantil: diálogos com o professor de educação física. 2012. 162 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Estudos Pedagógicos e Culturais da Educação Física) - Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo, Vitória, 2012.
Abstract: This work studies the infant education official documents, written by the central organizations of the teaching system management, aiming the comprehension of child concept, childhood and physical education presented in these documents. It also analyzes, thru physical education teachers narratives, if, anyhow, they have any influence or not on the pedagogical practices of the infant education institutes.The documents analyzed are: National curriculum guidelines for infant education (2009), National curriculum referential for infant education (1998), National quality standards for infant education (2006) and Infant education: another look (2006). The approach theoretical-methodological was the narrative interview (SUARÉZ, 2008). It interviews seven different PE teachers that work with infant education in Vitoria/ES, selected from the pedagogical practices and infant education seminar, held in 2010. It analyses the way these teachers work on the municipal education system in Vitoria/ES, specially, on the infant education, it mobilizes the knowledge presented on the official documents to think about the pedagogical practices, as well as the way the child concepts, childhood, infant education and PE apply on the pedagogical practices of these teachers. It also shows that the most used official documents are the NCRIE and the Infant education: another look and it is from the concepts, beliefs and values, shown in those documents that we combine the PE educational practices with the infant context. It highlights the child conceptions, childhood and infant education that the official documents present are appropriated, consciously or not, thru the PE teacher and dialogues with the national and municipal prescripts.It signalizes that from the corporal culture perspective that the PE teachers, research members, develop their practices in the infant education institutes and it´s from the specificities of the infant context, written on the documents used as reference for children from zero to five years old, such as:taking care and educate, time of arrival, routines, free time, lunch time, etc., that the teachers plan their PE classes
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