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Título: Uma análise dos desdobramentos da cogestão do cuidado nos processos de trabalho em um hospital público no Rio Grande do Norte
Palavras-chave: Gestão democrática;Gestão em saúde;Política de saúde;Hospitais - Administração - Rio Grande do Norte
Data do documento: 12-Mai-2016
Resumo: This paper presents a few analyses of management practices in the Public Health field. We discuss the controversies, the games of power, and resistance that make up the Unique Health System. What are the effects of co-management in work processes? What have people articulated themselves to sustain this co-management project? How do the Collegiate and the Institutional Support make up resistance strategies? Our methodological intent was to access certain processes of co-management experience from these issues. Thus, we talk about stories written in the field book and conversations with the workers we interviewed at the public hospital in Rio Grande do Norte. We use the assumptions of intervention research and institutional support as a basis to build the institutional walk as a research methodology. Michel Foucault, Hannah Arendt, and Gastão Wagner Campos are our theoretical basis to make some important discussions about the power relations in the co-management and about the co-management as an affirmative project of the public dimension of health policies. In this sense, we understand that the collegiate are political spaces of learning, experience, and propositions of other ways to manage and to care for. The institutional support, as if it were a gear, feeds and is fed by processes of change, analyzing and constantly intervening in the work processes to strengthen the collective in the exercise of institutional democracy. We consider that through the days filled with challenges, workers, managers, users, students, and researchers become allies to support this commitment of co-management as a means of building a “SUS that works”.
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