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Title: Produção de subjetividades no trabalho docente no curso de administração da UFES : um olhar ergológico
Keywords: Subjetividade;Administração;Professores - Atitudes;Ambiente de sala de aula;Conhecimento e aprendizagem;Ensino superior
Issue Date: 22-Mar-2017
Abstract: This qualitative study has investigated the production of subjectivity in the teaching work through an ergological look. It has identified the forms of production of subjectivity and the relation between Previous Standards, subjectivities and renormalization in the teaching work. The study has presented the teaching work beyond the classroom as an important part of the teacher's life. We have understood that investigating the subjects, the subjectivities in the work do not have as main objective the increase of the production, but rather, the investigation of this impacting element in the life of the subject. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with the purpose of reaching the daily reality of work. The Instruction to the doubles was applied to all participants, where the instructor has instructed his double how he works, explaining his way of thinking about the work. In addition, observations were made in the classes analyzed, that resulted in three phases of analysis, categorized by topic. These are: Phase Teachers' Report: Researcher-teacher, Professor-researcher, Research and publication, Optioning for teaching, Reflections on teaching, Teaching, Teaching Subjectivity, Class Handling, Teaching Invisibility, Relation with the university. The second phase is Teaching in loco, that encompasses: Relationship with students, Working conditions at the university, Resources used in the classroom, Positioning in the classroom, Personal Aspects in the Classroom; Communication and promotion of education. And the third phase is called Previous Standards and the Teaching Work: presenting the prescriptions and previous standards that rule the teaching work and the renormalizations made by them. We have found that teaching work is an activity marked by unpredictability, diversity and the need for innovation. In this way, the production of subjectivity intertwines with the process of renormalization of the previous standards made by teachers, making the work possible and livable.
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