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Título: Fazendo gênero na política institucional : uma história de vida no legislativo baiano
Palavras-chave: Identidade de gênero;Mulheres na política - Bahia;Poder (Ciências sociais);Desempenho
Data do documento: 20-Abr-2017
Resumo: In the last decades women began to occupy social spaces that were previously relegated, among them is the institutional policy. Much has been studied of what this entails of social and political changes, but what do these changes bring about in individuals and in the place itself? Thus, this research aimed to analyze the construction of gender identities in a councilwoman in the interior of Bahia State. Through a life history of a councilwoman and using a content analysis found that such points as: childhood, religion, family, work, profession and policy; are instruments that influence the subjects' gender performances in institutional policy. It also discusses the entry of women into elective positions, demonstrating that there are still many barriers to be overcome. In politics the participation of women has been increasing, but this has occurred very slowly and most do not feel represented. The data were produced through 13 meetings, mostly recorded, where the recollection of the participant's life history occurred. These data were categorized a posteriori and analyzed based on the theoretical reference. The stories told by the city councilwoman show that relations of power that surrounds her construct her performances. It was observed that in Brazil, as well as Charles's (2014) study in Wales, women in policy must "do manhood" to be better accepted. In this way, it is seen that gender is something that the individual does and undo.
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