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Título: Projeto Comunidade Unida : a influência da comunidade na implementação da estratégia de responsabilidade social
Palavras-chave: Comunidade;Responsabilidade social da empresa - Espírito Santo (Estado);Sucesso nos negócios - Espírito Santo (Estado);Práticas sociais
Data do documento: 5-Mai-2017
Resumo: The study of the Strategy as Practice (SAP) has a little discution about the influence of external practitioners in the process of implementation of the strategy in the organizations. This dissertation aims to identify how a community influences the implementation of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy of a mining company in the Comunidade Unida project. Mining located in Grande Vit􀁱ria - ES, demonstrating empirically how works the process of relationship of the company with a community, presenting how an external practitioner can modify or not as practices of the company. For this, a qualitative research study was carried out using interviews, observations and documents, both public and internal, as a data collection technique. The field work was developed from April to December 2016, and as multi-situ observations: some events performed within the neighborhood school, another at the edge of the lagoon and still no environment of the park maintained by the company. To analyze the data, a content analysis was used. The results show that the community interferes in the implementation of the CSR strategy of the company, through the planning meetings, the moment in which the mining company listens as demands of the community and in the partnership, define the projects to be carried out in that locality. The company uses this participatory technique to involve a greater number of people within the communities and to demonstrate that it values their opinions in the projects developed. Another advantage obtained by a company with the closest relationship with communities is that a company can perceive discontent among local leaders and predict conflicts that may arise within them. The miner has realized that by engaging with communities, he can minimize the impacts that a community can cause your production process.
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