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Título: "Bicho-grilo de raiz" : estilos de vida entrecruzados em uma tribo de adeptos de alimentação orgânica
Palavras-chave: Alimentos naturais - Vitória, Região Metropolitana de (ES);Estilo de vida - Vitória, Região Metropolitana de (ES);Hábitos alimentares - Vitória, Região Metropolitana de (ES);Estudos organizacionais
Resumo: The present study aims to build the different lifestyles that intersect in an urban tribe of adepts of organic foods. For this, the concepts of the lifestyle of Giddens (2002) and of Maffesoli (2006) related to the urban tribes are allied. As a data collection technique, 4 interviews were conducted in a group, in a format that resembled an "afternoon coffee", with a total of 17 subjects. The meetings took place in the house of the research itself with the intention of promoting an informal and relaxed atmosphere, allowing the interviewees to feel the desire to expose their experiences and narratives. For an analysis, use a thematic category type content analysis technique. An urban tribe identified for the so-called "cricket" tribe, which is the denomination of "cricket" tribe, which is the denomination of cricket tribe. From the analysis of the interviews emerged 3 categories, being: delineating an organic tribe, focusing our processes of identification and differentiation; Autonarratives and lived experiences, addressing the reports on how the living experiences on the issues affect and affected their choices; Day-to-day practices and lifestyle building, unraveling practices and habits shared by individuals in the tribe of crickets, such as recycling garbage, going to organic fairs, preferring alternative medicines and being adept at seeking less consumption.
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