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Title: O organizar de ações coletivas na produção comunitária : tilapicultura de base familiar na Lagoa do Juara
Keywords: Ação coletiva - Serra (ES);Comunidade - Organização - Serra (ES);Interesses coletivos - Juara, Lagoa (ES);Práticas sociais;Organizing
Issue Date: 1-Aug-2017
Abstract: This dissertation has the purpose of comprehending the organizing of the collective actions in the community family-based production of the "tilapicultura" at the Juara Lake. To achieve this purpose, we assume the conception of organization as a continuous and unfinished social process, defending the theoretical contributions of Czarniawaska (2014; 2008) and Colville, Waterman and Weick (1999). The practice lens appears as a path to investigate those things that social actors do in their everyday life, conciliating social practices and the organizing process. The approach to social practices in this study is supported by Gherardi (2000; 2001; 2009) and Gherardi and Perrotta (2011). This qualitative research (FLICK, 2004; GODOI, BALSANI, 2010) utilizes narrative interviews (JOVCHELOVICH; BAUER, 2010) and participant observation (FLICK, 2004) as gathering techniques. As data analysis, we employ content analysis (BARDIN, 1977) with a posteriori analysis categories identification. After this, we concluded that the collective actions present in the community family- based production of the "tilapicultura" are produced and reproduced by multiple daily social processes existing between the practitioners and between these practitioners and the community. The observation of the practice still revealed that new practitioners are guided to a sequence of activities tacitly structured and shared, in which they share knowledge, experiences and interactions, showing and performing a collective and negotiated learning. To each new practitioner, a new practice, a new dynamic, a new knowledge and a new unfinished organization.
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