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Title: Avaliação ex post de Projeto de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento: O caso do Telecardio.
metadata.dc.creator: Raquel vilarino Reis
Keywords: Organizational development; research development; evaluation-methodology
Issue Date: 19-May-2010
Publisher: Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo
Abstract: Avaliação ex post de Projeto de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento: O caso do Telecardio.
Innovation is considered, nowadays, essential for the development of any economy. An important source of innovation are investments in projects of Research and Development (R&D) which, like other types of projects must go through processes of evaluation. There are essentially three "moments" basic rates: ex-ante, “during”, and ex post, each has its peculiarities. The ex-post evaluation of projects of R&D is essential to know whether the results achieved and their impact, if any, as well as learning to assist future assessments. There is an assessment methodology than the others, but the one that best fits the project goals evaluated and the evaluator. This dissertation presents the methodology AMBITEC and its application for evaluation of the impacts generated by the project of R&D entitled “TELECARDIO: Telecardiologia a Serviço do Paciente em Ambientes Hospitalares e Residenciais”, financed by the Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Espírito Santo (FAPES). In conclusion, we find that the methodology is efficient to evaluate any type of project, but also in diverse areas of knowledge and research. You can also verify the importance of ex-post evaluation of the impacts generated by these projects and the need for this stage of the innovation must be part of the activities of researchers, and especially the institutions involved
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