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Title: Representing Dynamic Invariants in Ontologically Well-Founded Conceptual Models
metadata.dc.creator: GUERSON, J. O.
Keywords: Conceptual Modeling;OntoUML;Temporal OCL
Issue Date: 28-May-2015
Publisher: Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo
Citation: GUERSON, J. O., Representing Dynamic Invariants in Ontologically Well-Founded Conceptual Models
Abstract: Conceptual models often capture the invariant aspects of the phenomena we perceive. These invariants may be considered static when they refer to structures we perceive in phenomena at a particular point in time or dynamic/temporal when they refer to regularities across different points in time. While static invariants have received significant attention, dynamics enjoy marginal support in widely-employed techniques such as UML and OCL. This thesis aims at addressing this gap by proposing a technique for the representation of dynamic invariants of subject domains in UML-based conceptual models. For that purpose, a temporal extension of OCL is proposed. It enriches the ontologically well-founded OntoUML profile and enables the expression of a variety of (arbitrary) temporal constraints. The extension is fully implemented in the tool for specification, verification and simulation of enriched OntoUML models.
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