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Title: Capital intangível e direitos de propriedade intelectual : uma análise institucionalista
metadata.dcterms.alternative: Intangible capital and intellectual property rights : an analysis in terms of institutions
metadata.dcterms.creator: Herscovici, Alain
metadata.dcterms.subject: Propriedade intelectual;Concorrência;Intellectual property rights;Competition;Externalities
metadata.dcterms.issued: Jul-2007
metadata.dcterms.abstract: This paper deals with the main evolutions that explain the emergence of new institutional arrangements that characterize the post-fordism. (i) Hence, I will show that the property rights modifications bring forth new forms of competition;(ii) Also, I will make explicit the concrete expressions of this new competition, as well as how it translates itself in a sub-optimum allocation in the framework of the market game; (iii) I will study the modifications of externalities nature produced by technical progress; (iv) Finally, I will analyze the macroeconomic implications in regard to growth mechanisms and to capital nature.
ISSN: 0101-3157
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