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Title: Additions to the systematic of the bethylid fauna (Hymenoptera, Chrysidoidea) from Chile
metadata.dcterms.creator: Azevedo, Celso Oliveira
metadata.dcterms.subject: Himenóptero - Chile;Bethylidae;Hymenoptera - Chile
metadata.dcterms.issued: Mar-1999
metadata.dcterms.abstract: Bethylopsis carinatus sp.n., and Epyris chilensis sp.n., from Chile are described and illustrated. Taxonomic data on Chilepyris herbsti Evans, Lytopsenella herbsti (Kieffer), Lytopsenella testaceicornis (Kieffer) and Pseudisobrachium erythrocephalum Evans are included. Male of Lytopsenella herbsti is recorded for the first time to genus and species.
ISSN: 0101-8175
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