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Title: An optical flow-based sensing system for reactive mobile robot navigation
metadata.dcterms.creator: Caldeira, Eliete Maria de Oliveira
Schneebeli, Hans Jorg Andreas
Sarcinelli Filho, Mário
metadata.dcterms.subject: Robôs móveis;Visão por computador;Navegação de robôs móveis;Mobile robots;Autonomous vehicles;Obstacle avoidance;Mobile robot navigation;Computer vision;Optical flow
metadata.dcterms.issued: Jul-2007
metadata.dcterms.abstract: This work discusses the use of optical flow to generate the sensorial information a mobile robot needs to react to the presence of obstacles when navigating in a non-structured environment. A sensing system based on optical flow and time-to-collision calculation is here proposed and experimented, which accomplishes two important paradigms. The first one is that all computations are performed onboard the robot, in spite of the limited computational capability available. The second one is that the algorithms for optical flow and time-to-collision calculations are fast enough to give the mobile robot the capability of reacting to any environmental change in real-time. Results of real experiments in which the sensing system here proposed is used as the only source of sensorial data to guide a mobile robot to avoid obstacles while wandering around are presented, and the analysis of such results allows validating the proposed sensing system.
ISSN: 0103-1759
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