Navegando por Tipo de Documento The output of the agricultural sector has been growing every year, which has also led to increased demand for water as well as the improvement of irrigation management . In places where water is scarce , conflicts between uses and users over disputes to access to water tend to intensify. In some situations , the development of agricultural production occurs in regions with low forest and / or coverage in areas with environmental constraints, such as permanent preservation . In both cases the increase in forest cover will contribute to improving local water availability , and may lead to other environmental benefits . In this context , the research sought to evaluate the impact of implementation of irrigated agroforestry systems on the local water conditions (scarcity) , establishing strategies that make them attractive environmental -and social -economically. To ground the research, were raised reviewed / discussed key topics such as water resources management , policy integration , agroforestry systems , computational simulation and environmental management of agricultural property . Thus , through computer simulation , alternative agroforestry systems were evaluated , taking as reference pilot region , typical of the spirit Santo's agriculture , consistingof small farms , family-based , partially inserted in PPAs . The research results show that the irrigated agroforestry systems are a promising alternative to minimize conflicts over water demands in water deficit regions , without compromising financial income . Other environmental benefits are are even mentioned. Finally, some technical recommendations were made, aiming to educate producers and agricultural and environmental managers , as well as recommendations for future research.

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2014-06-02Subsídio ao aprimoramento do manejo da irrigação de consórcios agroflorestais em situação de escassez hídricaGuerra, Sara Carolina Soares