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Title:  Um mundo, um sonho . Uma utopia? : narrações midiáticas de valores olímpicos e esportivos na cerimônia de abertura dos Jogos Olímpicos de Pequim-2008
Authors: Santos, Guilherme Ferreira
Keywords: Olimpismo;Jogos olímpicos;Cerimônia de abertura;Televisão;Valores esportivos;Modernidade líquida;Teoria do espetáculo;Olympism;Olympic Games;Opening ceremony;Television;Sports values;Liquid modernity;Theory of spectacle;Jogos Olímpicos;Televisão;Modernidade
Issue Date: 23-Feb-2012
Publisher: Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo
Citation: SANTOS, Guilherme Ferreira. Um mundo, um sonho . Uma utopia? : narrações midiáticas de valores olímpicos e esportivos na cerimônia de abertura dos Jogos Olímpicos de Pequim-2008. 2012. 348 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Estudos Pedagógicos e Culturais da Educação Física) - Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo, Vitória, 2012.
Abstract: In the midst of the genesis process of the Olympic spirit a key element that arises in the dynamics of it is the television. One of the moments when this element is more explicit in the Olympics is just when there is the greatest expression of the Olympic values and the most symbolic demonstration of the celebration potential of the sport: the opening ceremonies. These moment is considered as part of a broader social context, here called (according to Bauman) of liquid modernity, where the shape is difficult to maintain and where predominate the aesthetics of consumption and the instantaneousness. This research also is theoretically anchored in studies that consider the Olympic Games as cultural performances . According to this approach the spectacular feature of the Games gives his attractive character. One way of achieving this attraction is through the image that is made of the opening ceremonies by the television s narrations which are constructions carefully created for a live event, differing in their presentation and impact on the extent to which it travels the globe. In this context, the study of a narration in contemporary Brazilian television is worthy. To this end, stands as the leading question of the work the following interrogative: how a Brazilian television network (Rede Globo) builds, displays and translates meanings of sports and Olympics values in the transmission of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games-2008? Thus, work s objective is: to identify the Olympics and the sports values (and possible shifts of meaning) that appear in the televised speech of Rede Globo during the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics-2008; understand how the Brazilian narrators/commentators construct texts about the Olympics and sports values in the context of the complex social and sport oscillation in which we live today when they narrate through television (that is a crucial element of the quoted oscillation) a cultural performance not daily. Methodologically, it is used the so-called qualitative method . Data were collected from primary sources. Such sources are included in documentary research, which also classifies this study. An oral text compose the data the television narration of the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics-2008, which is called analysis corpus. The analysis corpus is made up of narrators , reporters and commentators speeches of a Brazilian television station. The Critical Discourse Analysis and the evidential paradigm are used as the main approach techniques. For data analysis, we found that the majority of sports and Olympic values are somehow present in the television narration of the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics-2008. The way these values are listed does not include a textual display purpose, that is, there are few moments when the narration studied is shown as a separate discursive occasion to speak specifically and purposefully about the sports and the Olympic values. In addition, terms identified in the narrative are more connected to the spectacular nature of the Games, especially when the speech comes from communication professionals.
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