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Title: Estimativa da produção de sedimentos da Bacia do Rio Santa Maria da Vitória – Espírito Santo através do modelo matemático Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT)
Authors: Brito, Emilia
Keywords: Bacias hidrográficas;Hidrologia – Modelos;Modelos matemáticos;Sedimentos fluviais;Santa Maria da Vitória, Rio, Bacia (ES);Vazão fluvial
Issue Date: 2-Mar-2015
Abstract: In order to measure the flow and sediment yield to the basin of the river Santa Maria da Vitoria this study used the mathematical model Soil and Water Assessments Tools (SWAT) entering the program peculiar data to this river basin, such as the Numerical Model (DEM) types and land uses and climate data. The result of modeling for the analyzed period were compared to monitored data, and through the modeled parameters sensitivity analysis was identified those who most influenced the results, which in turn have been calibrated by SWAT-CUP program. Calibrated, the program was retested and its effectiveness was statistically evaluated with the efficiency coefficient of Nash-Sutcliffe (COE), Trend Percentage (PBIAS), Mean Square Error (MSE) and the coefficient of determination (R²). Observed that the basin in question has different slopes and two reservoirs, the calibration was performed for two sub-basins: one downstream and the other upstream of the reservoir. The modeling results have upstream to downstream best results, although both and illustrating the tendency of the basin for the yield of water and sediments.
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